JR and Alice Rohrwacher

Shortfilm by JR And Alice Rohrwacher An agricultural prayer

Drone service, aerial videos and aerial pictures, for a shortfilm by french artist JR and italian director Alice Rohrwacher (we have made cinema drone service with her in Happy Lazzaro) in Castel Giorgio in Umbria, Terni Area. For aerial pictures we have used our Freefly Alta 6 drone equipped with Freefly Movi m15 and Canon 5Dsr and for aerial videos we have used our Inspire 2 drone equipped with DJI X7 Camera.

Attrezzatura tecnica utilizzata


CameraDJI X7

VideoRAW 6K

DroneFreefly Alta6

CameraCanon 5DSR2

GimbalFreefly Movi m15

Photo Gallery

JR and Alice Rohrwacher 1 JR and Alice Rohrwacher 2

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