Drone service in Rome for new cinema movie by D'Innocenzo brothers

Cinema drone video service for new movie directed by D'Innocenzo brothers near rome with heavy lift drone equipped with Freefly Movi M15 gimbal, Arri mini camera with Cooke S3 lenses, iris and focus remotes by Fiz and FullHD video downlink by Amimon

Client: Pepito Produzioni
Shooting at: Rome
Shooting Type: Aerial Shooting
Drone: Vulcan UAV
Cameras: Arri Mini + Cooke S3
Directed by: d'Innocenzo
Production Manager: Giorgio Gasperini

Technical equipment rented

DroneVulcan UAV

GimbalGremsy H16

CameraArri Mini

Photo Gallery

Favolacce 1 Favolacce 2 Favolacce 3

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