Europe from Above Spain

Europe from above, National Geographic Documentary - Spain

Rich in colour, passion and history, this spectacular aerial journey reveals Spain as never seen before. Flying cameras soar over the Sagrada Familia as architects work around the clock to finish the building. Daredevil barnacle hunters rappel down jagged cliffs to hunt for one of the world's most exclusive shellfish, and we glide over one of the world's greatest abandoned buildings nestled deep in Spain's northern mountains.

Client: National Geographic
Production: Windfall Films
Production Manager: Ben Church - Renata Pavelka
Directed by: Didi Mae Hand
Locations: Rio Tinto, Seville, A Coruna, La Roja, Anana, Barcelona

Technical Equipment


CameraDJI X7

VideoRaw 4K

Photo Gallery

Europe from Above Spain 1 Europe from Above Spain 2 Europe from Above Spain 3 Europe from Above Spain 4

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