Andiamo a quel paese

Cinema drone rental service for Andiamo a quel paese movie by Ficarra & Picone in Sicily

Aerial footage with our cinema drone equipped with Blackmagic 4K for the new film by Ficarra and Picone "Let's go to that country" in Sicily to Rosolini.

On the native island of Archimedes, Pirandello and Verga, Ficarra and Picone could still be in that country, or rather on the set of their new film "Let's go to that country" that we glimpse in the first images of the video opening the report, and those hilarious coming from the social diary with a lot of selfie of the two and their fan club. The set of a comedy produced by Tramp Limited with Medusa Film, which will release it in cinemas starting from the next autumn November 27, 2014. A nuisance comedy that smells of Sicily, and of the cheerful gags of the comedy duo of Palermo, once again the role of actors, screenwriters and directors.

Customer: Ficarra and Picone
Shooting at: Rosolini, Ispica, Ragusa
Shooting Type: 4K Raw Aerial Shooting
Drone: Cinestar X8
Cameras: Blackmagic 4K
Production: Tramp LTD
Directed by: Ficarra and Picone
Assistant Director: Gianni Costantino
DOP: Roberto Forza
Production Manager: Gianluca Passone

Technical Equipment

DroneFreefly Cinestar 8

CameraBlackmagic 4K

Video>RAW 4K

Photo Gallery

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