Smetto Quando Voglio

Drone rental service for cinema movie Smetto Quando Voglio with Freefly Cinestar and Canon C300

HeliVR realizes for Fandango Film the aerial shots for a new film by Domenico Procacci. The aerial shots with drone were performed with our multi-engine equipped for the occasion of Canon Cinema C300 with Zeiss Cinema 18mm optics.
Aerial shots were performed in the Lanciani area until the first light of dawn.

Movie: I stop when I want
Shooting at: Rome
Shooting Type: Shooting
Drone: Cinestar 8
Cameras: Canon EOS C300
Production: Fandango Film
Directed by: Sydney Sibilia
DOP: Vladan Radovic
Period: June-September 2013

Tecnical Equipment

DroneFreefly Cinestar 8

CameraCanon C300


Photo Gallery

Smetto Quando Voglio 1 Smetto Quando Voglio 2 Smetto Quando Voglio 3 Smetto Quando Voglio 4 Smetto Quando Voglio 5 Smetto Quando Voglio 6

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