Il Coraggio di Vincere

Cinema drone rental service for Rai Cinema Il Coraggio di Vincere shooted with Blackmagic 4K

Filming with a cinematographic drone with Blackmagic Cinema 4K Camera for the new film Rai Cinema - Red Film directed by Marco Pontecorvo, director of photography Enzo Carpineta, entitled Sogno di Rocco whose protagonists are Adriano Giannini and Nino Frassica.
Aerial video footage was performed in 4K Raw.

«The courage to win» is a film directed by Marco Pontecorvo and starring Adriano Giannini and Nino Frassica.

Produced by Rai Fiction and Red Film, the film tells the story of a boxer's personal redemption. Set in an imaginary outskirts between Ostia and the fishermen village of Fregene, the story revolves around the life of Rocco (Adriano Giannini), a boxer who fell into disgrace after losing the title of European champion. Disappointed by everything, Rocco is dedicated to the management of a gym with his friend Marcello (Nino Frassica), his former coach who follows him with fraternal affection, trying to help him recover.

It is precisely with the work in the gym that Rocco comes across Ben, Senegalese without a residence permit, which has all the qualities to become a good boxer. He decided to follow him closely, to train him and to teach him all the tricks that will allow the young boxer to conquer the title of champion and grant Rocco the much desired revenge.

Through a story of integration, friendship and growth, the Italian director tells one of the most classic sports parables, seen in a lot of American cinema.

Customer: Rai Cinema
Shooting at: Fregene, Rome
Shooting Type: Aerial Shooting
Drone: Freefly Cinestar 8
Cameras: Blackmagic Production 4K
Production: Red Film Srl
Directed by: Marco Pontecorvo
DOP: Enzo Carpineta

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