Palazzo di Giustizia Movie

Aerial cinema shootings with Freefly Alta and Blackmagic Cinema 4K for film Palazzo di Giustizia in Turin

first work by Chiara Bellosi 'Palazzo di Giustizia'. Filming in Turin, in a courtroom of the Assize Court, rebuilt in the "Old Poor" Retirement Institute for the elderly.
The film is produced by tempest / Carlo Cresto-Dina with Rai Cinema and the Swiss Cinedokkeè. With the support of the Mibac, the contribution of the Por Fest Piemonte 2014-2020 and the Film Commission Torino Piemonte. Five weeks of shooting, then editing.

Client: Tempesta Film
Shooting at: Turin
Shooting Type: Aerial Shooting
Drone: Freefly Alta 6
Cameras: Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
Production: Tempesta Film
Directed by: Chiara Bellosi
Production Manager: Giorgio Gasperini

Technical equipment rented

DroneFreefly Alta 6

GimbalFreefly Movi M15

CameraBlackmagic Production 4K

Photo Gallery

Palazzo di Giustizia Movie 1 Palazzo di Giustizia Movie 2

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