Without short film

Cinema drone rental service for Without Short Movie shooted in Basilicata

Cinema drone rental service with Freefly Cinestar 8 drone and Blackmagic Production camera 4K for Whitout Short movie shooted in Basilicata.

“Without” is a story about solitude and the way it is enhanced by the geographic and psychological isolation of small, marginalized realities. At the same time, these realities are a witness to the strong human bonds created by the inevitable proximity that connects people. The scene opens in the heart of Lucania (Basilicata), Southern Italy, in the stillness of a heat-drenched village. The focus turns to a solitary old man afflicted by alcoholism whose life seems headed towards decline. Scoffed by the rest of the village, he wanders off into the countryside, for a walk that will change his life forever.

Technical Equipment

DroneFreefly Cinestar 8

CameraBlackmagic 4K

Video>RAW 4K

Photo Gallery

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