Baia Bianca and Suited

Hotel Drone rental service for Baia Bianca and Suites at Biodola, Isola d'Elba

Aerial footage with a multirotor drone on the Elba Island with a Blackmagic 4k cinema camera for Baia Bianca Suites in Bidola. The aerial shots were held both on the open sea for the yatch available for customers and in the luxurious structure that overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches of the Island of Elba. Aerial shots with drone were made in 4K with Cinema 18mm Zeiss Compact Prime lens.

Technical Equipment

DroneFreefly Cinestar 8

CameraBlackmagic 4K

Video>RAW 4K

Photo Gallery

Baia Bianca and Suited 1 Baia Bianca and Suited 2 Baia Bianca and Suited 3 Baia Bianca and Suited 4

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