Saint DX Prince is Dead

Drone service with Arri Mini camera for french singer Saint DX

Aerial video service in Val d'Orcia, in San Quirico d'Orcia cypresses area with cinema drone equipped by Gremsy H16 gimbal at sunset for music video by french singer Saint DX. We have installed on the drone Arri Mini camera with vintage 16-135 Canon zoom lens with remote focus, iris and zoom.

Directed by Julien Pujol
Starring Aurélien Hamm
Produced by Soloprod and The Film Partnership
Executive Producer - Giacomo Moschin
Art Direction by Kersti Pohlak
Cinematography by Clement de Hollogne
Assistant Camera - Mathias Gaume
Drone - Luca at HeliVR
Vfx - Elodie Latapie
Post - The Film Partnership
Camera provided by RVZ

Technical equipment rented

DroneVulcan UAV

GimbalGremsy H16

CameraArri Mini

Photo Gallery

Saint DX Prince is Dead  1 Saint DX Prince is Dead  2



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