Peugeot Commercial

Aerial drone footage with Blackmagic 4K for the new Peugeot spot directed by Stefano Accorsi in Terminillo. Aerial shots to advertise the Peugeot 4x4 took place on the road leading to the Sebastiani Refuge. Aerial shots were carried out with the help of law enforcement officers to secure the entire stretch of road where our drone flight operations took place.

Customer: Peugeot
Shooting at: Terminillo - Rieti
Shooting Type: 4K Raw Aerial Shooting
Drone: Cinestar X8
Cameras: Blackmagic 4K
Production: Stephen Greep Srl
Directed by: Stefano Accorsi
Help Director: Ciro Scognamiglio
DOP: Michele Paradisi
Production Manager: Sandra Bonacchi

Technical Equipment

DroneFreefly Cinestar 8

CameraBlackmagic 4K

Video>RAW 4K

Photo Gallery

Peugeot Commercial 1 Peugeot Commercial 2 Peugeot Commercial 3 Peugeot Commercial 4



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