Granturismo 4

Drone shooting for Gran Turismo 4 for Playstation World Premiere

An important drone shooting project for the game Gran Turismo 4. The drone shooting has been made inside Modena Raceway for the game world premiere. For this shooting we used our DJI Inspire 2 with Apple Prores 5.2K codec.

Client: Sony Playstation
Shooting Location: Modena
Shooting type: Aerial Drone Shooting
Production: Sartoria Comunicazione
Production Manager: Sara Osti
DOP: Andrea Bastoni
Director: Paolo Freschi
Drone rented: DJI Inspire2 X5s Apple Prores

Technical Equipment


CameraDJI X5S

VideoApple Prores 4K

Photo Gallery

Granturismo 4 1 Granturismo 4 2 Granturismo 4 3 Granturismo 4 4



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