Stefano Ricci Mugello

Drone video shooting for Stefano Ricci at Mugello Raceway

Drone rental service for the new Stefano Ricci AD Campaign shooted at Mugello Circuit with DJI Inspire 2 with X5S Camera. Aerial shooting in 5.2K Apple Prores.

STEFANO RICCI, THE ELEGANCE OF THE DYNAMIC PRESENT The roots of the territory, vintage cars and the Italian Tricolour. These three pure Italian values represent the new message that STEFANO RICCI is launching into the world of fashion: they confirm that today the Mugello is a true extension of the Florentine area’s terroir, a trait d'union between the company headquarters in Fiesole and Stefano Ricci's private estate of Poggio ai Segugi; they consolidate the family heritage that also lives in a collection of rare automobile models, largely from the 1950s; they permeate everything with Italy’s colours.

Customer: Stefano Ricci
Shooting at: Scarperia, Mugello
Shooting Type: Aerial Shooting
Drone: DJI Inspire 2
Production: Events Production
Directed by: Romeo Conte

Techincal Equipment Rented


CameraDJI X5S

VideoApple Prores 5.2K

Photo Gallery

Stefano Ricci Mugello 1 Stefano Ricci Mugello 2 Stefano Ricci Mugello 3 Stefano Ricci Mugello 4 Stefano Ricci Mugello 5 Stefano Ricci Mugello 6 Stefano Ricci Mugello 7 Stefano Ricci Mugello 8


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