Stefano Ricci Montecristo Island PE2019

Drone service rental for fashion commercial Stefano Ricci Spring Summer 2019 at Montecristo Island

Drone rental service for Stefano Ricci, shooting with drone for the Stefano Ricci PE 2019 Collection shot in Punta Ala and the  Montecristo Island with DJI Inspire 2 equipped with DJI X7 6K, directed by Romeo Conte

The backdrop to the presentation is the sea of ​​the Tuscan archipelago: the island of Montecristo, a protected and almost inaccessible nature reserve. Abysses, rocks, spring water and space of freedom for migratory birds. Here Stefano Ricci presents his outfits with a close encounter with the places and atmospheres celebrated by Alexandre Dumas in Il Conte di Montecristo, where Edmond Dantès found the treasure that gave the turning point to his redemption. And to that mysterious treasure was inspired by the emblem of the adventurous gentleman, a mountain that stands out on the blue sea and carries a cross on top. The brand continues its journey in the masculine fashion of wonders: a unique style, with deep roots and an infinite projection towards the future, an eulogy without limits to the fact in Italy, with an artistic hand that preserves manufacturing treasures for men's lifestyle that conquer the world.

Customer: Stefano Ricci
Shooting at: Punta Ala (GR) - Montecristo Island
Shooting Type: Aerial Shooting
Directed by: Romeo Conte
Production: Events Production
Production Manager: Valentino Conte
Drone Rental: DJI Inspire2 X7 6k Apple ProRes

Technical Equipment


CameraDJI X7

VideoApple Prores 6K

Photo Gallery

Stefano Ricci Montecristo Island PE2019 1


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