Fope LadyFOPE

Drone service for Fope LadyFOPE commercial in Mestre, Venice with DJI Inspire

Drone rental service for aerial shots with DJI Inspire Pro 4K drone for the new Fope spot on the Hybrid Tower Mestre tower.
The 4K aerial footage will be post produced by Valentino Conte NewSolid for the creation of the institutional brand of the jewelery brand.

Customer: Fope Gioielli
Shooting at: Mestre, Venice
Shooting Type: Aerial Shooting
Drone: DJI Inspire
Production: Events Production
Directed by: Romeo Conte

Photo Gallery

Fope LadyFOPE 1 Fope LadyFOPE 2 Fope LadyFOPE 3 Fope LadyFOPE 4


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